From Tuesday, January 21 to Monday, January 27
 TW PosLW PosBand/Artist - Song (Label)PointsMomentumCume Points
 11Gramma Rikki - Earth Ship (Independent) §  8106614610
 22Thadeus Project - Wanderlust (TPR) §  8046610926
 33Jennifer Porter - These Years (Cougar Moon) §  7986614532
 46Rhett May - Cocktails & Cannabis (Independent) §  7806610134
 55Brandy Moss Scott - I Dont Want No (Independent) §  7806020364
 67Joe Taylor - I Cant Make You Love (Independent)780669018
 74Billy F Otis - Front Page News (CVB) §  7806016290
 812Callie Young - Unraveling (West Coast Collective) §  7747210482
 910Joy Mover - Heaven In Your Heart (Independent) §  7747217016
 108Benny Marsella - A Special Kind Of Love (Scheherazade)768609594
 1111DK Davis - Suspicious Minds (Route 66) §  762607896
 1215Garrett Young - Stray Cat Call (West Coast Collective) §  7567219308
 1317Buck McCoy - Go To Hawaii On Me (Independent) §  7386621996
1424Sammy Hakim - Empty Bottle (EXT Independent)    714312152130
 1514Arvie Bennett Jr - Where He Found Me (Independent) §  714249270
 1619Buck McCoy - Shoes Under My Bed (Independent) §  7087825218
 1718Ashley Best - Nothing Ever Seems To Do (Independent) §  6902411916
1826Tower Circle - Come A Little Closer (Independent)6843481020
1927Johannes Linstead - Be My Girl (Independent) §  6783481008
 209WAX - Diamonds In The Rough (Independent)678-248802
21NEWPhillip Broussard - Just Wanna Believe  CD: Wavelength (MTS)6666608232
 2216Total Life - A Great Love (Independent) §  666-1220184
 23NEWMichaela May - When You Say (IKON Records)60006444
 24NEWAindre Reece-Sheerin - I Still Think Of You  CD: Postcards From The Caravan (Too Kool Katz)40205064
25NEWTru-Dru - Straight Off Tha Chain  CD: The Man With One Eye Is King (Tru Entertainment)    27627012756
 26NEWWhitewater Band - Beam of Light (Many Lives Publishers)1261208454
 27NEWKenny Harrell - Nothing But Time  CD: Reckless (KHR)11402676
 28NEWSandra Lee Burdick - My House  CD: Little Gifts From Heaven (SBR)10806516
 29NEWLaurie Z. - Good Night My Friend  CD: Roots - The Solo Piano Album (Zebra)    10203426
 30NEWThe Podunk Throwbacks - Wrong Side of Life (Attic Recordings)96904986

Next Up

 31NEWThomas Taylor - Get Her on The Dance  CD: West Virginia Bound (Merlin RMD LLC Records)    908419182
 32NEWNick Matthews Band - Born Ready  CD: Live Free (Stage II Records)84021426
 33NEWAnthony Williams - Close To You (Wood "N" Nickel) §  66013254
 34NEWDianne Meinke - Adieu (UVI Media Group LLC) §  24616038
 35NEWL3v3L Three - Tears Inside My Heart (Instrumental)  CD: Reflections Of Love (L3v3L Three Entertainment)    12036

§ Single was featured on the IMN radio program

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