From Tuesday, November 29 to Monday, December 5
 TW PosLW PosBand/Artist - Song (Label)PointsMomentumCume Points
 11Mike Kuster - FarmHer (MJK Music) §  62406366
 22John Michael Ferrari - Paint You A Love Song (Cappy Records) §  612-69180
 33Laurence Elder - Now (Indie) §  60608358
 44Gary Pratt - Sounds Like Whiskey To Me (MTS) §  60006408
 56Tommy Rice featuring Patricia Barrett - This Song Is For You Daddy (Tommy Rice Music) §  59466246
 69Callie Young - Letting Go (West Coast Collective) §  582183876
 75Joey Canyon - On Country Radio (Glo Dot) §  564-3012510
 87Del Robbins - Long Live The Blues  CD: EP She Donít Even Know My Name (Fame & Fortune Records) §  546-3611460
 98DK Davis - Take Me To Mexico Amigo (Route66/AMG) §  540-3011190
 1010Buck McCoy - Nashville (Independent) §  534-1214472
 1111Okay Dokay Band - Good Night John Boy (Indy)522-129012
 1212Erin East - Neon in Nashville (Far East Music)516-1211562
 1314Ace Riley - The Football Life (4 Aces Music)510-66738
 1413Zoe & Zack - Diner Days & Honky Tonk Nights  CD: Nashville Calling Me Home (Z & Z Songs)504-1822710
 1517See Your Shadow - Crazy Things Like That (MTS)498122622
 1618Miqa.el - Walking Medicine (MTS)48662562
 1716Eileen Carey - Dreaming With Me (RolleyCstr) §  480-1818522
 1815Chris Clark - The Girls of Tennessee (Indie) §  468-4218180
 1919Tommy Rice featuring Ed Silver - You Changed My Life Forever (Tommy Rice Music) §  462-1212576
 2021Ashley Puckett - Tequila (MTS)45662988
 2120Christine VanHoy - Happy Town (Independent) §  450-1222800
 2222Drew Smith - Exes (Independent) §  44403438
 2324Big Butch Barnes - Big Ben, Brady and Me  CD: Songs From The Bar Stool (Big Butch Music)426-1220586
 2425Abstract Cowboy Band - Lookie Lulu (Our Own)420-1815432
 2526Big Bubba Brown - Dang It  CD: Big Bubba Sings Songs (BBB Music)414-612018
 2629John McDonough - Point Me East  CD: Point Me East (MTS)408102714
 2731Johnny Dan - Going Home For Christmas (Big Hammer)4021203372
 2823See Your Shadow - Take It to your Grave (MTS)378-609486
 2927Sylkie Monoff - Still Believe In You (SYWA Nashville)    342-4818648
 3030Brandy Moss Scott - The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia (Heavenly Tunes) §  300043998

Next Up

 3128Bama Band - Roll Tide (Bama Band USA)294-665328
 3232Belly Up - Jelly Belly Christmas Boogie (Belly Up To The Bar Records)270-61098
 3333Terry Bell - Shes Got A Heart Like Mine The Remix 2022 (Independent) §  258623586
 3435Richard Lynch and Katelyne Adams - My Heart and Yours (MTS)252301800
 3534Callie Young - Joyride (West Coast Collective) §  240-616428

§ Single was featured on the IMN radio program

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