From Tuesday, September 22 to Monday, September 28
 TW PosLW PosBand/Artist - Song (Label)PointsMomentumCume Points
 12Callie Young - Unraveling (West Coast Collective) §  606-27637248
 21Garrett Young - Do You Hear My Cries (West Coast Collective)     §  594-30621414
 33Christine Van Hoy - What Gives Me The Right (Independent) §  570-30011436
 44Buck McCoy - She s My Little Radio Thang (Independent) §  552-3126438
 57Del Robbins - Wait & See (Fame & Fortune)546-2827386
 66DK Davis - There Goes My Heart (Route 66) §  540-3007344
 78Poppyiris - Popsicle Stand (Independent) §  528-2825910
 85Christine Van Hoy & Steven Gregory - Everyday Hero (Independent) §  510-34877574
 910Kinsey Rose - Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good (Independent) §  510-2764524
 109LJ Phillips - Deeper Love (Independent) §  498-3066330
 1111Brian Timmons - When You Are Near (Independent) §  486-23426052
 1213Sam L. Smith - The Way You Make Me Feel  CD: single (Twang Thang Country)    432-20410164
 1314Steve Zuwala - High School Reunion  CD: FLY (Lamon Records Nashville)    414-1986852
 1418Zack Dust - Good Morning California (Independent)336-180114900
 1522Noel Flynn - Country Playing Band  CD: My Time With You (independent)    300-15042492
 1616Buck McCoy - Shoes Under My Bed (Independent) §  282-28845378
 1717Don Nivens - Septembers Gone  CD: The Dog, The Cat, and The Mirror (Independant)    264-26410980
 18NEWCowboyNextDoor - Your Man  CD: Your Man - Tribute to Josh Turner (Mondotunes)25803672
 1915Poppyiris - Aint No Secret (Independent) §  252-34816860
 2020Papa Chico - Caught In a Lie (Thadeus Records & Production Ltd.) §  246-2342460
 2112Dirty Ernie Band - The Last Unemployment Check Blues  CD: Broke Blues (DIrty Ernie Band Music)228-42610014
 2226Annie & Andy - Wave The Flag  CD: Songs For Us (Annie & Andy Music)222-605436
 2321Billy F Otis - Neon Nights (CVB) §  210-25820814
 2419Arvie Bennett Jr - Where He Found Me (Independent) §  210-30033936
 2530Whiskey Crossing - Hotter Than A Pistol (Independent) §  19818378
 2625Rick Kokan - Those Golden Dreams  CD: Those Golden Dreams (Mellowcat Publishing)192-10244520
 27231 Country - 1 Country, Our Country (Our Country True Records)162-2586240
 28NEWLynn Bryant - Somewhere Down the Road  CD: Somewhere Down the Road (CMG Nashville)150019128
 29NEWRandy Cherkis - Fathers and Daughters  CD: Fathers and Daughters (Independent) §  13809102
 30NEWClay Kirk - Where The Sea Breezes Blow  CD: Where The Sea Breezes Blow (KLP Records)132027726

Next Up

 31NEWJeff Smithart - After All These Years (Wild Sage Records of Nashville, Inc.)12601818
 3224Billy Crain - The Bible and the Gun  CD: Broken Things (Slidebilly Records)    114-186930
 33NEWAmy Taylor - Outlaw To My In-laws  CD: Amy Taylor (Independent)    10801230
 34NEWAmy Rose - Country Crazy  CD: The Beginning (MTS Records)    9609492
 35NEWPat Boone - Part Of America Died Today (Gold Label) §  9002718

§ Single was featured on the IMN radio program

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