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4ree - Niggas in Paris 4reemix (Black Nobility Entertainment)
Abby Ray - Bumblebee (Independent)
Acoustic Wig - Sure One (Indie)
AJ & Teyo Fame - Talking About Me (Independent)
Al Eide - Hangin High (Independent)
Alexie Pigot - The Truth (Independent)
Alexis Barreto - Hey You (Who Is It Records)
Alexxx Da Man - TripleX - President Bush (Independent)
Alina Artts - Hit The Red Light (R.E.C.)
Alive Way - Big City (Alive Way)
Allen D - In The Still of the Night (New Terra)
Allen D - Christmas Song (New Terra)
Allen D - You the Night & the Music (New Terra)
Ambient Mechanics - Call To Arms (Uncoiled Loops)
Amen Alibi - Break Down And Cry (Ravaka Records)
Andrea Ortega - Koobrar (KLP Records)
Andrea Ortega - He Gave Me Wings (KLP Records)
Andy Cruz - Letdown Remedy (12 Inch Records)
Andy Cruz - Letdown Remedy (Radio Version) (12 Inch Records)
Andy Cruz - Turn Back (California Bound) (12 Inch Records)
Andy Scott - The Night (Tunes)
Anna Gutmanis - Diamonds and Stiletto Shoes (Ban-Anna Records)
Anne Marie Bush - HiTech Chick (Yellow Rhinestone Records)
Anthony Williams - Close To You (Wood "N" Nickel)
Arden Park Roots - Under the Sun (Anxiety Boy Records)
ARDK - Waiting for the River to Run (Independent)
Ariana Hodes - You (Ocala Big Round Records)
Ashleigh Kingsmore - I Wish He Kiss Me (Independent)
Ashley Baker - Cigarette Smokin (Billberg Entertainment)
Ashley Nicole - Average Girl (GoldStar Recordz)
Ashley Nicole - Broken (GoldStar Recordz)
Bad Ass Boots - Boogie On The Bayou (Dream Wild Records)
Bad Mary - Better Days (Dead Pill REcords)
Beau Brummels - Just-a-Little (BaySound Records)
Ben Rush - Stompin Grounds (AMC Records Nashville)
Benjy Rivas - Live On the Road (City Boy Records)
Benzo - Heart Beat (New Terra)
Bert Jerred - Glass (Bert Jerred Music)
Big Boy Peezy - I M Sorry (Innorex Three Music, inc)
Big Boy Peezy - Iím Sorry (Innorex Three Music)
Bill Curreri - Son Of An American Dream (BCM)
Bill Curreri - Fade Away (BCM)
Billy Arr - L.O.V. Email Me Baby (Binnoco-Nash)
Black Jacket - Innocence (Indie)
Bobby Johnson - I Got The Best In You (Indie)
Boo Smith Tha Beast - There You Go (Jce. Ent)
Brad Lee Schroeder - Run Devil Run (Stray Bullet Records, LLC)
Brandy Moss Scott - Bennie & the Jets (Heavenly Tunes)
Brandy Moss Scott - Bye Bye Baby (Heavenly Tunes)
Brian McConnell - Oh Darlin (Independent)
Briana Hardyman - Our Town (Briana Hardyman)
Briana Hardyman - This Town (Briana Hardyman)
Briana Hardyman - Midnight Water (Independent)
Bright Child - FLY (Innorex Three Music, Inc)
Brittany Marie - Changed (Independent)
Brittany Russell - Let Me Be (Independent)
Brooke Byam - Thank You For Leaving (Twang Thang Country)
Brother Townsend - Gimme Whiskey (Indie)
Brother Townsend - Repeat (Independent)
Buck 22 - Country Pride (LoudBox)
Burt Conrad - Itís A Sure Thing (SeaBright)
Cage & Focx With Todd Taylor - Tonky Honk Bounce (CDR)
Carl Legacy - Slide (Carl Legacy Entertainment)
Cash Cassady - In The Valley Of The Gun (CC Production)
Casi Joy - Old Town Lane (Indie)
Celine Pence - Thinking About You (CPR)
Chris Johnson - Who Could Ask For Anything More (BMI)
Circle - Follow Me Down (Cherrystone Records)
Clay Kirk - Where The Sea Breezes Blow (KLP Records)
Colt Buckelew and The Crossroads - Cry (Independent)
Consortium 499 - Enceladus (Nothing of Consequence Diversions)
Convulsic - Love Space (Independent)
Cool Hand$ - The Lifetime Grind (Catakomb)
Cornelius MD - Lick It Stick It (Earfull Records)
Craymo - Be Myself (One Love One World)
Crosley Hotshot - Radio Flyer (Desert Rose Entertainment)
Curio - Rock Wit You (Independent)
Danny Shain - Two Good Friends (Independent)
Danny Shain - To All A Merry Christmas (Independent)
DaRil - 1,2,3 (Kitril)
Darren Mullins - The Ballad Of The Irish Rovers (RC Airtime)
Deby Kelley - Tommy (Echota)
Dee Dee Downs - Caught In A Love Trap (independent)
Dee Dee Downs - Angel of Gentle Wings (independent)
Dee Dee Downs - Mary Full Of Grace (independent)
Deginerates - Stackz (D.G.S)
Del Robbins - Where Did The Love Go (Independent)
Del Robbins - Guess Who Does (Fame & Fortune)
Delonzo Carraway - Love letter (Black Diamond Records)
Dianne Meinke - Adieu (UVI Media Group LLC)
Dianne Meinke - Give Me A Kiss (UVI Media Group LLC)
Dianne Meinke - U Promized Me (UVI Media Group LLC)
Dianne Meinke - I Heart U (UVI Media Group LLC)
Dianne Meinke - In the Rain (UVI Media LLC)
Dixie Dolls - Darling (Dixie Land USA)
Dixie Republic - 40 Miles (Independent)
[email protected] - grer ([email protected])
Don Nivens - Septembers Gone (Independant)
Dorothy Guinn - When Mary Comes Around (YHTOROD)
Dorothy Guinn - In This Song (Indie)
Down South 78 - Too Many Tears In Mississippi (Kirby Records)
Downside - You Lied (FAP Records)
DShawn Eatmon - Forever Loved (Life Track)
Ed Barker w/ Lance Ellington - When You Smile (EBR)
El1eventh Hour - Murder Your Memory (E.M.E.)
Eliz Camacho - Get Loose (EMC Publishing LLC)
Elly Dee - Heartbeat (Branded)
Epic Season - Keep Warm (Independent)
Eric B - Sunshine (Independent)
Esteve Masclans - Silver (Indie)
Ethan Bortnick - Anything Is Possible (Symphony of Keys)
Exzavier Whitley - "Drifting Away" featuring Lisa Von H (OneThrone Productions LLC)
Film Noir Extras - A Kiss In The Dark (Retrocorded Records)
FIONA MISS 2.1 - UP & DOWN - (3 SP)
Fireside Prophets - Under The Sunshine (FPR)
First Rush - The Road Less Traveled (Independent)
Flaunt w/Justin Jennings - Codon (Dipped in Ecstasy) (Anticodon Records)
Flaunt w/Justin Jennings - Have I Made My Point (Anticodon Records)
Francis Bowie - Number One (dGenerate Records)
Francis Bowie - Sex Drugs & Thrilling (dGenerate Records)
Frank Canna - Who Will Know (indie)
Frank DíAngelo - Break It Down (BKCI)
Fred Myers & The Redneck Majority - Wild For You (Tate Music Group)
G A Steed Band - Angels Without Wings (Stage 2 Records)
G Sharp - The Message (Down 2 Erf/ Purpose Driven Music Group)
G2P - Walk Away (Orion Project Records)
Gary Lee Tolley - Hey Bartender (Indie)
Gary Lee Tolley - I Need More Of You (Indie)
Genesis Baby - Neva Goin Broke (Indie)
Giulia Nahmany - Girl To Change Your World (Goldline Records)
GRAB - Show Me Wake Up (Bonanno/Laubaugh)
GRAB - Hang On To The Rope (Bonanno/Laubaugh)
GRAB - Moment In Time (Bonanno/Laubaugh)
Grand Pop Station - Shine your love (ManoverMusic)
Grant Terry - Rise Up (Grant Tery Music)
Great Plains w/ Darrel & Saskia Delaronde - Heaven On the Line (Independent)
Halston Dare - (Independent)
Hay~lee - Falling For You (Kbay Music Production)
HBr - zombies in love (Unsigned Band Asylum)
Hezekiah - Hologram Dreams w/ Range Da Messenga (3Crates)
His Dreams of Lions - Novel (Droggmore)
Holiboiz w/Yosef - Take Me To Temple (Studio Records)
Hunnid - Let It Blow (Collage Ent)
In Your Mind - Isolated (Cooper)
Iysoh - Supafly (Elite Life Entertainment)
Jael - Two Step Problem (JLT Records)
Janet Devlin @JanetJealousy - Creatures Of The Night (Insomnia Music Records)
Jason Crawford Pearce - Loving Arms (independent)
Jason Crawford Pearce - Maybe Now (indie)
Jay Bahnik - Me (Tate Music Group)
Jay Blahnik - Boom Box (Tate Music Group)
JD Black - Shine Cover (JDR)
Jeff Adams - Go With What You Feel (Bucketstomp)
Jeff German & The Blankety Blanks - Sit and Think (Slothtrop Records)
Jerry J.Thomas - Road to Hope (TMG)
Jessann Lightning River - Let The Children Come (KLP Universl Star Records)
Jesse & the Hogg Brothers - Donít Mess With Christmas (Black & Blue)
Jesse Xavier band - goodbye song (indie)
Jesse Xavier band - Take away my blues (indie)
Jessie Jay Hudson - Washing Down Memories (R & R usic Recording)
Jessie Jay Hudson - Take Me Home Tie Me Down Set Me Free (R & R Music)
Jessie Jay Hudson - Take Me Hme Tie Me Down (R & R Music Recording)
JHK - Bells (Interlaced Recordings)
Jillian Kohr - The Way That I Love You (Black Cherry)
Jim Raby & The Good Whiskey Band - Taken (independent)
Jim Seibers - Yes I Do (OMC Publishing)
Jim Vierra - Hopeful Eyes (Indie)
jimmyjames - i cant hold it anymore (unsigned)
Joe Kendall - Southern Belle (10 Roof)
Joe Shelton - Songs of Summer (Notlehs Entertainment)
Joeleen - Get Close To You (SouHouse M)
John Richards - Alabama Red (independent)
John Willemse - Will Become (GB Records)
Johni Dee - Sweetest Words (Great Lakes)
Johnny Popcorn - Secret (3Crates)
Johnny The Blade - Farewell Brothers (John Banks)
Josephus Junior/ Joe Brien Junior - For You (The Alpha Omega Music Company, T.A.O. M. CO)
K-Blitz - Work Hard ft BMoney Grenier (Unsigned)
Karen Waterman - I Believe (Rio Hill)
Karree J Phillips - Right Turn (Honkytonk Holler)
kathleen bradley - In That Empty House (independent)
Keely Leanne Kimber - (Unsigned)
Ken Foster Band - Day Dreamer (Lone Pine)
Kenny Harrell - Nothing But Time (KHR)
Kevin Haynes & Matt Kupcso (K&M) - Drying Tears (Independent)
Khakalina Crew - Botty Poppie (Khakalina Records)
Khakalina Crew - Botty Pop (Khakalina Entertainment)
Kimik X - Bug Out (Kaieteur Records)
Kit Bradley - In That Empty House (independent)
kit bradley - DEEP DECEMBER (independent)
Koncrete Kite - Stained Glass (No Bull Productions)
L.H.I. - Whiskey City (Indie)
La Donna - Rock,Paper Or Scissors (independent)
La Donna Brewer Capps - Joshua (independent)
La Inedita - Chicha Chicha (Indie)
La Mar Le Warren - Middle Fingers (indie)
La Mar Le Warren - I Miss You (unsigned)
Laird Oli - Ay Yi Yi (Puremusix)
LAMAQ - Get Out of My Way (Diamond Certified Records)
Laurie Z. - Good Night My Friend (Zebra)
Lawrence Hill - Until The End Of Time (Indie)
LCA - Big Money Big Problems (lcalabel)
LCA & Melo D Bright - Rainbow (LCALABEL)
LCA & Melo D Bright - Shit Happens (LCALABEL)
LCA & Melo D Bright - Let It Rain (LCALABEL)
Let There Be Light - Heaven (Independent)
Level 10 - Vector (Indie)
Lily Lambert - Miss You (Independent)
Longbridge - Different World (Unsigned)
Longbridge - Different World ft. Roosevelt & Kennedy (Independent)
Lori Nebo - Standing Stronger (indie)
Love Carver - This Is the Time (MyPixo Records)
Lyndsey Crawford - Gama (Indie)
Lynn Bryant - Somewhere Down the Road (CMG Nashville)
Lyrics Of Two - Mysteries (Indie)
Lyrics Of Two - Breaking My Heart Was No Accident (Indie)
M D K - On My Way To Heaven (Payroll Records)
Maclear & Quinn - Only One For Me (Meg Records)
Madison McKenzie - Gone But Not Forgotten (Madi M Music)
Makenna & Brock - Back On That Train (Indie)
Marc Chase - Bad Boy Boogie (Independent)
Mark Bray - Someday (HGN/David & Goliath)
Mark Sotira - Better Days (Mondotunes)
Marlin James - Let The Devil Go To Hell Alone (Independent)
Marsha Jewell - Butterfly (Jewell Lane)
Marsha Jewell - Tomorrow (Jewell Lane)
Martini Garden - Give A Little Love (Independent)
Marty Denton - Tyler Rose (Trip Jct. Records)
Marty Denton - Fueled Up, Fired Up, and Ready to Go (Trip Jct. Records)
Masses Beware - Burn The Past (Indie)
Masses Beware - Easy (Independant)
Matt Backer - Letís Art (Right Records)
Matt Backer - Histrionic Narcissist Blues (Right Records)
Matt Gonzo Roehr - Dreamer (Gonzo)
Matt Gunner - Forsaken & Long Forgotten (Karma Records)
Matt Williams feat. Alyssa Morrissey - Make Love Tonight (MTS Records)
Matthew Wesley - Real (Independent)
Mayden HollyWood - HolllyWood (HollyWay Entertainment)
Megan Rose - Sweetest Girl (Independent)
Megan Rose - Beneath Your Beuatiful (Independent)
Memoir - Fire In Me (Indie)
Meninos Morumbi w/Julian Lennon - Summertime (Music Is Hope)
Mercy Child - Stagecoach Road (Jolly Records)
Merry Onette - Ugly Like You (Sounds Merry)
Micah Lathrop & Andi - My Sweet Friend (Tate Music Group)
Michael Coleman & Caney Creek - Every Second Is a Lifetime (Caney Creek)
Michael Damian - Rock My Heart (Weir Brothers)
Michael Rapp - Christmas Is For Kids (Stage Too)
Michael Stone - Home For Christmas (Michael Stone Music)
Michaela May - When You Say (IKON Records)
Mighty Men of Faith - Merry Merry Christmas (Keep Christ In Your Christmas) (N2L Records)
Mike Allen - One For The Money (Its My Song Records)
Mike Ogle - Everyday is Like the First Day (Tate Music Group)
Milly M - Check Me (Cold Cash Music Group)
Mirage Box - Juarez (Growlyman Endeavors)
Mistah QBiz2 - Like That (batovision)
Morgan - Midnight Angels (Not Dead Yet)
Movement Gang (Capo) - Talkin Shhhh (Movement Gang)
M_Vissle - HeartBreakUp (MVR)
Naked Cowgirl - I Love Nick (Sexy)
Nelson Blanchard/Carmella Inchierchiera - Her Heart is Broken (Indie)
Nelson Blanchard/Carmella Inchierchiera - Who Shot Lizzy? (Indie)
Nelson Blanchard/Carmella inchierchiera - Fallen Heroes 9-11 (Indie)
New Nobility - Asian Girl (TJ)
Nick Matthews Band - Born Ready (Stage II Records)
Nick Matthews Band - Love Me Til It Hurts (Stage 2 Records)
Nolan Wilson - Be The Change (Animal Tracks)
Norine Braun - How Would We Know (Braun and Brains)
Off Orbit - Hello Vultures (Indie)
Oldman Tha Husla - She Wants To Ride (Hub City)
Pepie - All Because Two People Fell In Love (SmallTown Records)
PNT GVN - Always Shines (Tred Mill USA MUSIC)
Podunk Throwbacks - Wrong Side of Life (Attic Recordings)
Primal Sky - Riding Christmas Waves (Totally Independent Music)
Pullman Standard - If & When (Independent)
Pullman Standard - Crazy Love (Independent)
Randi Perkins - The Last Harvest (AmeriSong)
Red Velvett - Cocaine (Indie)
Red Velvett - Atomik (Indie)
Remains of Jade - Sweet Whiskey (Independent)
Richard Burns - Too Much To Live For (Tate Music Group)
Richard Lynch - I Stood Right There And Lied (Twang Thang Country)
Rick Kokan - Those Golden Dreams (Mellowcat Publishing)
Rickey Whipple - Should I Hold You Tighter? (Independant)
Riki Riki Tave y La Banda Misteriosa - (Noseso Records)
River Road Trio - The Wind (independent)
Rocking Angel W/Colleen Rose Novak - Rocking Angel (Paradise Road)
Rocky Del Arnold - IN THAT EMPTY HOUSE (independent)
Rocky Del Arnold - EMPTY HOUSE (independent)
Rocky Del Arnold - At The Fairhope Pier (independent)
Rod Richmond - Green Means Go (Red White And Blue Records)
roger gomez - mondays guide (bigvisionmusic)
Ronnie Run - Enough (Bully Track) (R.R.E.)
Ronnie Run - Put It Down (Indie)
Ronnie Run - I Remember (Unsigned)
Rosetta Walker - BILLY (Walker Records Production)
Rosetta Wlker - BILLY (Walker Records Production)
S.H.O.U.T - One Of The Dead (jeppe records)
Sam Hatmaker - Southern Soul (Independent)
Samantha Jane - I Love Max (Lucera Records)
Sammy Hakim - Get A Little Closer (Lamon)
Sammy Hakim - Empty Bottle (EXT Independent)
Sandra Lee Burdick - My House (SBR)
Santa Clara - Melt Away (Prodigy Records)
Savannah Garza (SavvyG) - There For You (independent)
Scott James - We Can Be The Future (Independent)
Shane Anderson w/ Collectively BoB - P.U.S.H. (Indie)
Shane Anderson w/ Collectively BoB - P.U.S.H. (Indie)
Sharell Desiree - Country Bumpkin Hickabilly (Silver Buckle Records)
Sheryl Clapton - North Of Santa Fe (Sheryl Clapton Records)
Shorty B - Summertime (Indie)
Shurrock - The Lights of the Highway (Shurrock)
shurrock - Laguna (shurrock)
Simon Kinney-Lewis - String Pie (Indie)
Sky of Change - Lost Lagoon (Independent)
Skye Holland - Ignite (Prodigy Records)
Skylark Drive - Slow Ride (Silver Buckle Records)
Snir Yamin - Missed Love (feat. Yoed Nir) (The Cutting Room)
Soho Rodeo - Patriotic Underwear (Independent)
Solo Da Artist - B.Y.E (88:77 Entertainment Group)
Songs of Aran - Smoke and Fire (Songs of Aran)
Sonya - Just Another Day (Independent)
Sonya Jevette - Whenever UR Around (Sound Byte)
Sorin Weissman - Together (Unsigned)
SoundCell - Nightflight (DanceRemix) (Soundcell)
Stand Volume - Temporary Slave (Macaronesla)
Stephen Peters - Echoes Of The Past (Stephen Peters)
Stephen Peters - Armonya (Stephen Peters)
Steve Sauve - Always On My Mind (DME)
Steve Sauve - My Heart (DME)
Steven Rodriguez - Mr. Right Now (Tate Music Group)
Sugarbeach - You Believe in Love (Independent)
Sweet Ana Brown - ESCAPE (Barry International)
Sweet Ana Brown - ESCAPE(from myself) (Barry International)
Sylkie Monoff - Here You Come Again (Manufaktur/Monoff Music)
Symbol Six - Never Gonna Make It (Jailhouse Records)
Talina - Mockingbird (Rox Productions)
Tanya Lynn - Airplanes In The Sky (independent)
Tanya Marie Harris - Treat Me Like Your Girlfriend (TMH)
Tanya Marie Harris & Band - Treat Me Like Your Girlfriend (TMH)
TanyaMae Mandigo - Middle Child (Independent)
Tawana Lael - Addicted (K.Y.D.A. Entertainment, LLC)
Taylor Faith - See What You Did (Independent)
Taylor James - Good News (Hearts of Gold)
Terry Tuck - But I Love You (T.T.R.)
TESAR - With the Radio On (SabrePointe)
Test - Test (Test)
Thadeus Project - Before Your Eyes (TPR)
Thadeus Project - Picture Book (TPR)
Thadeus Project - The Hurt (TPR)
The 11th Floor Band - Sweet Mystery (Pacific songs)
The Collabration of G,s - All worth it (Innorex Three Management LLC.)
The Diva - Diva Moon (Diva Tunes)
The Grand Prospect - Evelina (Independent)
The Great Plains - Heaven On The Line (Indie)
the Hailers - Luanne (solaris)
the Hailers - Getaway (solaris)
the Hailers - waiting for the sun (solaris)
the Hailers - waiting for the sun part two (solaris)
the Hailers - Safe in your Arms part six (solaris)
the Hailers - New Song thirteen souls (solaris)
The Hailers - Look At Us Now (solaris)
The Imaginary Suitcase - Full moon lullaby (Indie)
The Mears Brothers - You Know Who You Are (A.R.C.)
The Nichole Hatton Band - Yesterdays Dream (GVA)
The Original Jones - Here With You (Company Jones Records)
The Podunk Throwbacks - Wrong Side of Life (Attic Recordings)
The Shed Spiders - Whats Wrong With The World (PAp Records)
The Smoke Dopers - Mutant Ganja Pot Heads (Smoke Dopers Records)
The Snares - Floyd County Redneck (Matthew Snare Music)
These Young Fools - Something Soft (Independent)
Thomas - Dirty On The Stereo (Indie)
Tia P - No Mirrors (Independent)
Tierra Blanca - Always My Woman (Right Records)
Tim Ehmann - Heart of Love (Tim Ehmann Productions)
Tim Garmon - Today I Started Loving You Again Again (GMN Records)
Tom Dixon - Kick Start This Party (Indie)
Tony Alexander - The Mean Ones (Stone Studios International)
Tony Clarke - Put That Country Song On (Indie)
Traedonya - Another Lie (Prohibition)
Travis James Manning - Underwater (Nasty Cactus Music)
Trinia Partee - Storm Survivor feat. G.H.E.T.T.O. Preacha (Independent)
Troy Bullock - Country Go Round (Mont-Merch Records)
Tyler Lenius - Paralyzed (Lenius Entertainment)
Untamed - We Came To Party (None)
Vicki Clark - White Stallion (independent)
vittoroma - Wheels on Fire (Independent)
Vladopus9 - The Hovering Boot (Independent)
Way Man w/Parker Yobei - Best of Parker (Pacific Islands Records)
Whitewater Band - Beam of Light (Many Lives Publishers)
Whitewater Band - Unpredictable (Many Lives)
Whitewater Band - All for a Girl (Many Lives)
Willamena - Broken Heart (Ten Lanes Wide)
WORLD5 - Heartbeat Of The World (Famous Records Corp. / Fontana)
WORLD5 - I Promise You (Famous Records Corp. / Fontana)
Yari More - A Tu Manera (Independent)
YelSan - Top Of The World W/Kenny Andre (Independent)
Zack Dust - Good Morning California (Independent)
Zaena Morisho - Gimme all your love (Billberg Entertainment)
Zaena Morisho - Freak All Night (Billberg Entertainment)