From Tuesday, April 22 to Monday, April 28
 TW PosLW PosBand/Artist - Song (Label)PointsMomentumCume Points
 11Dianne Meinke - Give Me A Kiss  CD: i heart you (UVI Media Group LLC)     §  8582410740
 25Ed Barker w/ Lance Ellington - When You Smile (EBR) §  852248238
 32Brandy Moss Scott - Bennie & the Jets (Heavenly Tunes) §  8461820628
 43Marsha Jewell - Butterfly (Jewell Lane) §  8401210980
 54Allen D - You the Night & the Music (New Terra) §  834610944
 69Bad Mary - Better Days (Dead Pill REcords) §  828183678
 712Matt Gonzo Roehr - Dreamer (Gonzo) §  8223619080
 88Del Robbins - Where Did The Love Go (Independent) §  822124722
 96Celine Pence - Thinking About You (CPR) §  810-1221354
 1013Benzo - Heart Beat (New Terra) §  810242946
 117Thadeus Project - Picture Book (TPR) §  804-1218174
 1210El1eventh Hour - Murder Your Memory  CD: Trust Fall (E.M.E.)798020328
 1321Ethan Bortnick - Anything Is Possible (Symphony of Keys) §  798542136
 1428First Rush - The Road Less Traveled (Independent) §  7921201464
 1511The Collabration of G,s - All worth it  CD: All WORTH IT (Innorex Three Management LLC.)78602220
 16NEWJohnny The Blade - Farewell Brothers  CD: Farewell Brothers (John Banks)    78601446
 17NEWFireside Prophets - Under The Sunshine (FPR) §  78005454
 18NEWZack Dust - Good Morning California (Independent)78007392
 1917Anna Gutmanis - Diamonds and Stiletto Shoes  CD: Diamonds and Stiletto Shoes (Ban-Anna Records)    774181530
 2016Koncrete Kite - Stained Glass (No Bull Productions) §  774126936
 21NEWAnthony Stells - Airplane Bottle of Booze (tate music)7620762
 22NEWJD Black - Shine Cover (JDR)76202070
 2322Stand Volume - Temporary Slave (Macaronesla) §  7621818450
 2427Acoustic Wig - Sure One  CD: Songs from a Previous Now (Indie)750422802
 2514Sammy Hakim - Get A Little Closer (Lamon)750-3019806
 2620WORLD5 - Heartbeat Of The World  CD: Heartbeat Of The World (Single) (Famous Records Corp. / Fontana)    74408520
27NEWTerry Tuck - But I Love You  CD: Desert Wind (T.T.R.)    7387322472
28NEWHezekiah - Hologram Dreams w/ Range Da Messenga  CD: Conscious Porn (3Crates)    732726738
 29NEWDownside - You Lied  CD: Breathe Again (FAP Records)     §  73202040
 30NEWG A Steed Band - Angels Without Wings  CD: Angels Without Wings (Stage 2 Records)    73204062

Next Up

 3131His Dreams of Lions - Novel (Droggmore)732661398
32NEWTom Dixon - Kick Start This Party  CD: Kick Start This Party (Indie)    726636816
 33NEWM D K - On My Way To Heaven  CD: MDK Run Away (Payroll Records)72601602
 34NEWBriana Hardyman - Our Town  CD: The Reimagine EP (Briana Hardyman)72003084
 35NEWJessann Lightning River - Let The Children Come  CD: Make A Wish (KLP Universl Star Records)72004578

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