From Tuesday, October 25 to Monday, October 31
 TW PosLW PosBand/Artist - Song (Label)PointsMomentumCume Points
 13Renee Zawawi - Happy Hour  CD: Happy Hour (PSP) §  9546012006
 22Jimmy White - Miserable Man (828) §  948488550
 31Dianne Meinke - Ten Thousand More  CD: Lemonade (UVI Media Group)     §  9421230666
 48John Ratliff W/Receptacle - Oh My (Independent) §  9306618324
 510Brandy Moss Scott - Oh How It Hurts (Heavenly Tunes) §  9246031596
 69Dee Hamilton - Its Too Late (Aries Ram) §  912484638
 76MrMister Wilson - What Will Tomorrow Bring (Starchild Outreach) §  8941219134
 84Dru Ross - Love Simulation  CD: Love Simulation (Ross Records) §  888012042
 916Gairy Nelson - Continues to Burn (JGN Records)8881144938
 1011Eileen Carey - In The Air (RolleyCstr) §  882548166
 115Thadeus Project - Hold On (TRP) §  882-614916
 127Chuck Murphy - Cow Girls (independent) §  8821215660
 1314Sammy Hakim - Empty Bottle (EXT Independent)    8283656502
 1420Koncrete Kite - Stained Glass (No Bull Productions) §  8166692232
 15NEWIn Your Mind - Isolated (Cooper)81004974
 16NEWWay Man w/Parker Yobei - Best of Parker (Pacific Islands Records)81003156
17NEWStand Volume - Temporary Slave (Macaronesla) §  80479899252
 1815Airy Jeanine - Do You (Kmina Entertainment) §  786-631536
19NEW3LD - Chained to the Rock (Independent)7807742400
 20NEWSelfishadows - More to Come  CD: Nothing (Bunker Prod. / Cluster Rec.) §  7800780
 21NEWJosh Walker w/Nina Grace) - Just What A Smile Can Bring  CD: Just What A Smile Can Bring (One Fifty Media House)    76801152
22NEWDeginerates - Stackz  CD: P.O.V second coming (D.G.S)7687629618
 23NEWBig Crush - It aint no telling  CD: mixtape volume 1 (unsigned)7620804
 24NEWWORLD5 - Stay  CD: Heartbeat Of The World (Spectra Music Group)    75603126
 25NEWSnir Yamin - Missed Love (feat. Yoed Nir)  CD: Urban Stories EP (The Cutting Room)75603552
 26NEWShane Anderson w/ Collectively BoB - P.U.S.H.  CD: InRetroSpectUs (Indie)75004812
 2713Daymes Rocket - Breaking Me Inside (Independent) §  750-4815480
 28NEWDoc Box M.D. - Buket Naked  CD: Nothin Decent (B-Fly Records)74401314
 29NEWDrew Michael Pizzulo - Creation (independent)    74407998
30NEWGary Nelson - American Heartbeat (Unsigned)    7447382430

Next Up

 31NEWBlack Jacket - Innocence  CD: Resurrection (Indie)    73801470
 32NEWMarvin Lara - Party Mode  CD: Primera Clase (Lara Records)    72601092
 33NEWAndrew Gerard - Here  CD: Two Birds (Indie)69002334
34NEWCarina - Not Easy to Love  CD: July 28th (Independent)    6846782178
 35NEWGina Jones - Youre Not The Only Heart In Town  CD: Youre Not the Only Heart in Town (Decibel Records)67801218

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