From Tuesday, September 17 to Monday, September 23
 TW PosLW PosBand/Artist - Song (Label)PointsMomentumCume Points
 11Joey Canyon - Matter Of Time (Glo-Dot) §  8943010074
 23DK Davis - These Beautiful Eyes (Route 66) §  8884213704
 36Eileen Carey - Meet Me Halfway (RolleyCstr Music) §  882488706
 44Del Robbins - Rockin On The Radio Again (Fame & Fortune Ent) §  876366624
 57Garrett Young - Stray Cat Call (West Coast Collective) §  876543354
 65Christine Van Hoy & Steven Gregory - Everyday Hero (Independent) §  8703637482
 78Brian Timmons - California Cowboys (Independent) §  870483588
 810Ashley Best - Nothing Ever Seems To Do (Independent) §  858663342
 99Callie Young - Bittersweet Memories (West Coast Collective) §  8584256070
 1011Buck McCoy - Go To Hawaii On Me (Independent) §  852789534
 112Arvie Bennett Jr - Just A Cowboy (Independent) §  852-620418
 1217Buck McCoy - Shoes Under My Bed (Independent) §  80414414544
 1312Raffaella Piccirillo - Nel Vento feat. Alessandro Amato (independent)666-787728
 1419Harrison Country - Men In The House (Independent) §  612-3613452
 1527Rose Knight - Goddess of the Bottle (Independent) §  498-361032
 1626Terry Bell - Shes Got A Heart Like Mine (Independent) §  492-721056
 HOT 17NEWSylkie Monoff - Like Rain (SYWA Records) §  47446246962
 1818LJ Phillips - The Ship Song (Independent) §  402-25220142
 19NEWAshley Puckett - Medicine (MTS Records)3900474
 20NEWAmy Benton - Top of That List  CD: The Sunday Sessions (Twang Thang Country)27003024
 21NEWTyler Brant - Too In Love  CD: Tyler Brant EP (Independent)21002604
 22NEWA. W. Cobb - Take My Hand  CD: Beneath A Wounded Sky (Indie)204013596
 23NEWAaron Richards - The Ballad Of Bob Ewell  CD: Old Time Loneliness (RC Airtime)15007356
 24NEWWestley Orbison - Cryin Shame (Independent) §  14402970
 2513Jennifer Porter - Road To Redemption (Independent) §  138-57622278
 26NEWJennifer Porter - These Years (Cougar Moon) §  1380138
 27NEWWarren Walters - Green. Jade  CD: Morning Blues (Wwio music group)1380150
 28NEWCatherine Casey - To Hell With the Past  CD: Catherine Casey (Independent)1140924
 29NEWAlan Turner - Tennessee Twister  CD: Renegade Road (MC1 Nashville)1140942
 30NEWSally J. Morgan - Love Bandit  CD: Single (SJM RECORDS)10801152

Next Up

 31NEWBryson Carter - Moonshine Girl (Wild Sage Records of Nashville, Inc.)10201062
 32NEWJessie Jay Hudson Band - Cowboy Tough  CD: Cowboy Tough (R&R Music Recording)10209240
 33NEWDanny Kensy - Tequila is Gonna Kill Me Someday  CD: Tequila is Gonna Kill Me Someday (Rad Records Nashville)9602844
 34NEWSylkie Monoff - Here You Come Again  CD: Genuine (Manufaktur/Monoff Music) §  186136194
 35NEWDonavon Lee Carpenter - Born To Love You  CD: Donavon Lee Project (Independent)1207356
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