From Tuesday, April 14 to Monday, April 20
 TW PosLW PosBand/Artist - Song (Label)PointsMomentumCume Points
 11Ashleigh Kingsmore - I Wish He Kiss Me  CD: Ashleigh Kingsmore (Independent)    8344230402
 24Christine Van Hoy - Some Girls (CVHR) §  828546432
 32Jim Vierra - Daddy (Independent) §  8224224480
 43Del Robbins - Guess Who Does (Fame & Fortune) §  816425670
 55Chris Cox - Sunday Mornin Guitar (CMM Records) §  816483390
 66Mocking Bird Hill - Hell To Pay (Decibel Records Nashville)816485850
 79Billy Bob Earl - Tomorrow (Independent) §  804603234
 87Simon Kinney-Lewis - String Pie  CD: Country Fried Chicken (Indie) §  780246600
 915Jim Seibers - Yes I Do  CD: Just Beginnings (OMC Publishing)    7746031398
 108Earl Wear - Addicted To The Rain (EWR) §  7682439594
 1112Gary Lee Tolley - Gunsmoke Trail  CD: Gunsmoke Trail (Gary Lee Tolley)768482790
 1227Michael Lusk - Angel Of Love (Bear Country Entertainment)762721464
 1313Sylkie Monoff - Here You Come Again  CD: Genuine (Manufaktur/Monoff Music)     §  7624847646
 1410Scott Hooper - Giddy Up  CD: Giddy Up (Lamon Records Nashville)    7501238466
15NEWDoug Briney - Pretty Big Deal  CD: Super Country Cowboy (TMG/MTS)    738708780
 16NEWTom Foster Morris - All Those Years Ago (Independent) §  738037614
 1711Darren Mullins - The Ballad Of The Irish Rovers  CD: Carousing All The Way (RC Airtime)    7381220622
18NEWBad Ass Boots - Boogie On The Bayou  CD: Single (Dream Wild Records)    7327261320
 1914Jeremy Harrell - Remember When (independent)726122070
20NEWMelissa Ramski - Keep Dreamin  CD: Keep Dreamin (Ramski Records)720684756
21NEWCash Cassady - In The Valley Of The Gun  CD: In The Beginning (CC Production)    702696750
 2228David Wayne - Hand In Hand With Daddy (Independent) §  7021217736
 23NEWBenjy Rivas - Just you and me  CD: Live on the road (City Boy Records)7020792
24NEWAndrea Ortega - Koobrar (KLP Records)6966903498
 25NEWJerry Schmitt - Drink Until I Drop  CD: 100 Miles (Colt Records)    6960696
 26NEWEileen Carey - Sweet Love (RolleyCstr Music) §  6900690
27NEWJerry J.Thomas - Road to Hope (TMG)6906848310
 28NEWLongbridge - Different World ft. Roosevelt & Kennedy (Independent)69003114
 2921A.W. Cobb - Take My Hand  CD: Beneath A Wounded Sky (Independent)684-187452
 30NEWJim Raby & The Good Whiskey Band - Taken (independent)    67801704

Next Up

 31NEWFaith Morley - Psalm 139  CD: Morning Star (Reel2Reel records)6720672
 32NEWDanny Shain - Two Good Friends  CD: Two Good Friends (Independent)67204938
 33NEWLyndsey Crawford - Gama (Indie)    67202160
 3423Buck McCoy - New Day Dawning (Weir Brothers) §  672-2428770
 35NEWAbby Ray - Bumblebee  CD: Blue Ray (Independent)66606696

§ Single was featured on the IMN radio program

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