From Tuesday, July 18 to Monday, July 24
 TW PosLW PosBand/Artist - Song (Label)PointsMomentumCume Points
 12Trace Thompson - Jesus & Me  CD: Jesus & Me (Trace Thompson)     §  852848922
 21Vanessa Lavoie - Butterfly Feeling (Independent) §  8406611496
 34Eileen Carey - Good Bad Girl (RolleyCstr) §  774248280
 47Desi Hickman - Its All Over Now (independent) §  7746038946
 56Christine Van Hoy - Love Me (Independent) §  7683617586
 65John Ratliff & Receptacle - Love Is Magic (Independent) §  7683610980
 78Chuck Murphy & Big Coyote - Free To Be Free (One West) §  768544254
 813Sylkie Monoff - Here You Come Again  CD: Genuine (Manufaktur/Monoff Music)     §  76290124932
 93Al & Trey - Anyway (Independent) §  762614580
 109Richard Thomas Band - Give Me One More (BAM) §  762543942
 1112The CR Ecker Band - Emma Jean (Independent) §  7143610236
1220DK Davis - Born To Be Blue (Route 66) §  7141801248
1321DA Cole - Comin Home To Country (Independent) §  7081741242
 14NEWSteven Rodriguez - Mr. Right Now  CD: A Thousand Words (Tate Music Group)70805616
 1511Darren Mullins - La Bamba  CD: Memories Of The Rock And Roll Era (RC Airtime)7081818930
 1610Regan Tucker - Im Getting By (Camooweal Studio Australia) §  696-68184
1735Jim Seibers - Yes I Do  CD: Just Beginnings (OMC Publishing)    69649285026
 18NEWBecci Nethery - Your Hand Slips In To Mine  CD: CRS 188 (Advance)6900798
 19NEWRyan Daniel - Feel Good Feelin  CD: Back For More (Indie)69003204
 20NEWRich Everman - Come Back Baby (part one)  CD: Initial Series II (Everman Music Publishing Co)    6780684
 21NEWShavonne - Reflections of a Fool  CD: My Own Peculiar Way (Independent)67806828
 2219Cathy Whitten - If I Could Find My Way (Independent) §  63610215222
23NEWJ.K. Coltrain & Colene Walters - When I Close My Eyes  CD: Nashville Dreams (Colt Records)    6246121818
 24NEWHINDM - El Machine (HINDM Records)    6240630
 25NEWKerry Hotchkiss w/Joanna Cotton - Steppin Out  CD: Countryproof (independent)61203720
 26NEWExzavier Whitley - One Song (OneThrone)    61203798
 27NEWSteve Oriet - Diggin On You  CD: Diggin On You (Steve Oriet Music)61201344
 28NEWRoger Weber - Cruise Control (ROT)60602754
 29NEWHector Ward and the Bigtime - Uncle Chas  CD: Freightline Funk (Independent)60003492

Next Up

 31NEWJim Libby Band - Made In The USA (independent) §  27001614
 32NEWTom Foster Morris - Comanche Moon  CD: All Those Years Ago (Independent)    24007152
 3324Dorothy Guinn - When Mary Comes Around (YHTOROD)114-2224350
 34NEWClay Kirk - Where The Sea Breezes Blow  CD: Where The Sea Breezes Blow (KLP Records)90015570
 35NEWDavid Stone - I L.O.V.E.Y.O.U. all the time  CD: They Call Me Country (P&P)90-1146858

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